100% Halal

Cold mezza

Classic hummus

7.50 €
Pureed chickpeas with lemon juice and sesame sauce

Baba Ghannuj

7.90 €
Eggplant puree with sesame sauce, yogurt, garlic and olive oil


7.50 €
Yogurt with olive oil, mint and walnuts

Vine leaves filled (4 pieces)

7.90 €
with onions, parsley, beef tomatoes, mint, rice, lemon juice and olive oil


7.90 €
Grilled bell pepper paste with walnuts, cumin and peperoncini


7.90 €
Parsley salad, finely chopped with tomatoes, mint, onions, lemon, olive oil and durum wheat semolina


7.90 €
Mixed salad with peppers, parsley, pomegranate, mint, olive oil, lemon juice and toasted flatbread

Warm mezza

Batata harra

7.90 €
Fried potato cubes with chili, garlic and coriander

Sambousek bil Sabanekh (4 pieces)

8.50 €
Deep-fried dumplings filled with spinach and onions, oriental seasoning

Sambousek bil Lahme (4 pieces)

8.50 €
Deep-fried dumplings filled with lamb and onions, oriental seasoning

Kibbe mekliye (3 pieces)

9.90 €
Minced beef mixed with durum wheat semolina and filled with minced meat

Rolled puff pastry (5 pieces)

8.90 €
filled with French sheep's cheese and parsley, then deep-fried

Hummus with minced meat

11.90 €
Pureed chickpeas, lemon juice and sesame sauce with minced meat


11.90 €
Lebanese sausages made from lamb and beef, fried with paprika and lemon

Sauda mekliye

13.90 €
Roasted veal liver in olive oil, chili with pomegranate sauce

Soup & starters

Tomato and zucchini soup

5.90 €
with thyme and French sheep's cheese

Shorbit Adas

5.50 €
Red lentils garnished with carrots and potatoes, onions, cumin and toasted flatbread

Crispy sweet potato fries with herb quark

7.90 €


Colorful salad plate

10.90 €
with pomegranate dressing

optionally with:

French sheep's cheese & olives

12.90 €

with lamb skewer

15.90 €

Spicy marinated chicken and mango slices

15.90 €

Our specialty of the house

Palace pan

Freshly prepared dishes straight from the oven, in our black and gold Cast iron special roaster. A special, extraordinary taste and smell experience!

Pan-fried dishes

Sliced veal & chicken breast fillet

16.50 €
in spicy tomato sauce with mushrooms, Peppers, onions and basmati rice

Stuffed peppers

15.50 €
with mashed vegetables, potatoes, walnuts and grated French sheep's cheese in tomato sauce

*4 large prawns & seafood

28.90 €
with chili, cherry tomatoes and garlic in olive oil with basmati rice, served in a hot pan

Dorade steamed in the oven (Samka Harra)

24.90 €
spicy sauce with tomatoes, coriander, garlic, chili and onions, olive oil steamed in its own juice, served in a hot pan

Classic dishes

Veal escalope

19.90 €
Breaded veal escalope with coleslaw and French fries

Fried pike-perch fillet

19.90 €
on mushrooms and cherry tomatoes in sage butter, served with horseradish mashed potatoes

Roasted sea bream royal (500g)

22.90 €
with fresh vegetables and potatoes

Fried sea bass (for 2 people)

59.90 €
with fresh vegetables and potatoes served with 4 different mezzas

Specialties from the lava stone grill

We serve coriander potatoes with the grilled dishes

2 chicken breast fillet skewers

18.90 €
with braised vegetables or basmati rice and garlic cream

2 lamb skewers

22.90 €
with braised vegetables or basmati rice

Lamb chop

29.90 €
with braised vegetables or basmati rice

Grill plate, (for 2 persons 5 skewers)

47.90 €
3 lamb, 2 chicken, garlic cream, batata harra

*Barbecue plate, (5 skewers for 2 people)

59.90 €
3 lamb, 2 chicken, garlic cream, batata harra, served with 3 different cold mezzas of your choice

With 3 additional lamb chops on request

16.90 €

3 large shrimps U/5

19.90 €

Argentine rump steak 200g

23.90 €
optionally with French fries or rosemary potatoes

Argentine rump steak 200g

25.90 €
with fresh vegetables and potatoes

Homemade XXL cheeseburger 230g

14.90 €
with French fries


Baklava 3 pieces

6.90 €
Puff pastry filled with nuts, Lebanese style

Oriental ice cream specialty with pistachios

7.90 €

Atayef bil gaus (2 pieces)

6.90 €
Sweet filled dumplings with coconut and walnut

Fruit plate (for 2 people)

24.90 €